CSGL vs Gambit – Operation Kinguin Tips, Odds and Preview

CSGL vs Gambit

Operation Kinguin

First of all, check out the Roster for the teams


As you can see Gambit lineup is really strong with some of the best CIS players in the team. CSGL lineup consists of several good Polish players who probably could have made their way into VP if VP  were not so sticky about not changing rosters.


Gambit have had some really good success in their past matches. They won their match against Rebels, Method, temp.no. Their win against Temp.No really inspris confidence seeing as how well Centryyz is known to play. Their match against Rebels on Cobblestone was a super long match however, which they managed to win on (IDK how many ) overtime 36-32.

Super long CObblestone

Gambit prefer most of the standard maps and Cobblestone. Despite that quadruple or more overtime match they are decent on Cobblestone as they again managed to win that match against Method just a few days later( the final map was Cobblestone). The issue with Gambit however is that they have faced mainly local teams. Their performance with the insane 16-3 and 16-4 score lines have been done only against local CIS teams. That does not really provide any insight as to how they would perform against better teams especially on the level of CSGl who are definitely amongst the top polish teams.
Past Matches

CSGL on their part have not had much success recently. Most of that has to do with them facing Youporn in the MLG Columbus last chance qualifiers. As YP showed yesterday they just stepped up during the qualifier matches and many players pointed it out that their plays were suspicious. Either ways, CSGL lost out and that could have severely impacted them on a mental aspect. The motivation to play good for this match would not be at the highest. They already have won one match and as such they can afford one mistake. The fact that they are up against a much better team in gambit gaming also is something to be noted.


The Prediction : 65%-35% for Gambit Gaming.

The Bet : low to medium on Gambit.