CSGL vs Vexed – Acer Predator Masters Finals Tips, Odds and Preview

CSGL vs Vexed

APM Season 2

CSGL and Vexed are matched up against each other in the Acer Predator Masters LAN Group Stage  match on 12th February 2016 at 13:00  CET



CSGL played a match against Flipsid3 yesterday. They won the first map in a very close series. However they lost their second and third map in a match that probably should have been 2-0. That being said, CSGL are definitely in a slump right now. Their performance was just about OK. The first match win against Flipsid3 was a match that Flipsid3 should have been winning, but in a very close match they won 16-14. The next map was Train which was CSGL pick. However by this time, it seemed that Flipsid3 were back to their original form and they eventually won that map. Cobblestone as a map is obviously one of the worst maps for CSGL. However they did manage a somewhat decent scoreline on that particular map too.  CSGL’s LAN performance has been very inconsistent. They have had some wins, while losing advantageous positions to lower skilled teams.




Vexed have had several decent LAN’s in mid 2015. However recently their performance levels have dipped by a margin recently. They have not been able to score victories in their recent LAN’s. Indeed if you check their recent LAN ( before APM ) you will notice their inconsistent performance against much weaker teams. Unknown teams such as USSR, Imperial Dragons etc. Even in the matches that they have scored victories, the matches went to Overtime. These matches were really close and considering the skill gap on paper, they should have won the match quite easily. Vexed have not been able to perform on LAN’s recently and as such it would not be imperative to bet on them. Even yesterday they lost to Hellraisers in a very close match 16-14. Hellraisers themselves have been really bad in LAN performances and losing to them on two maps does not bode well.




The Prediction : 65%-35% CSGL

The Bet : Low on CSGL

Risk : Medium