CS GO Bet Predictions Dec 13/14th


In house tipster @CalvinHyness previews todays competitive CS GO fixtures.

CZen vs Nxl

Time : 12AM GMT
Date: 13 – 12 – 2015
Tournament : SoStronk KOTH Asia #2

CyberZen have won all of their games since they burst out on the scene winning strong teams such as Mongolz and Puzzle. They seem to be the underdog always raking low percentages on the majority of their games.

Nxl are one of the weaker teams in this tournament only winning one of their last five games. While CZen have won 100% of their past five games.

Rosters include;

– tb
– advent
– Savage
– zhokiNg
– aumaN

– frgd
– soifong
– FrostMisty
– roseau
– Sys

With amazing players like advent and tb I don’t believe Nxl stand a chance in this tournament expecially not against CZen.

Prediction: 95% CZen due to previous team wins compared to Nxl’s losses against said teams.

InchKing vs Nxl

For anyone who has read my previous prediction of CZen will understand why I it will be InchKing who will win this match up.

The game is a best of three between two unrecognisable teams in the SoStronk KOTH Asia #2. Nxl have only won one of their past five games ( 20% ) while InchKing have won four of their games in the past five ( 80% ) only losing one game to Tyloo.

Their rosters contain ;


– Realx
– ZKi
– F0ray
– Ming
– hazy


– frgd
– soifong
– FrostMisty
– roseau
– Sys

InchKing’s favourite map is Dust 2 but they don’t have a great chance on Mirage as it is their worst map.
Nxl are best at Cobblestone and their worst map is Inferno although even if it comes to their best map I can’t see one map been taken from InchKing.

2-0 win by InchKing at 78% odds because statistically they are the best team winning teams such as Mongolz.

Revival vs HSGG

Usually when I analyse a csgo game I only take stats into consideration but I feel in this delicate situation I should take more than that because of the lineup of HSGG.

HSGG have horrible statistics with 0% of games won ever but their lineup contains two stars from HellRaisers , Dosia and Adren and Mou from Dope.

Revival have only won 20% of their last five games by winning one game against Vega.

This is the closest bet I have had to predict so far in my career because of their lineup contains some of the best players in Counter Strike history.

Prediction: 55% to HSGG

HR vs Mouz

Tournament: Acer Predator Masters powered by Intel season 2.
Time : 8PM GMT.

HellRaisers aren’t in a comfortable position with their new line up after dropping Dosia , and Adren ( moved to HSGG ). Their roster now contains only kUcheR and ANGE1 from their old roster causing them to have limited chemistry.

Mouz has had the same line up for longer than a year with unreal players like gob b , chrisJ. Their line up has such amazing players that have so much chemistry.

Mouz sports have won only a single game since last month with a win over CSGL ( their most recent game ).
HellRaisers have won three of their last five games to put this into retrospect HellRaisers seem to be working
well and taking a win last month over Mousesports themselves in a close best of one on Train ( 16 – 13 ).

Both teams have great plays on Train which would be interesting to see the changes made to counter tactics their enemies from the previous game.

Cache is Mouz’ best map at the moment with a 16 – 12 win previously to HellRaisers in a best of 7.
HellRaisers’ best map is Cobblestone going into a double overtime against Mouz in their BO7 and winning. If the game brings us to Mirage we can almost guarantee that Mouz will take the win.

Prediction: 62% for Mouzsports based on their chemistry and their win ratio.

Fnatic vs Navi

Tournament: Final of ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 Finals
Time: 7PM GMT

Fnatic is tied for number one in the world with TSM. They have won three majors and in most analysts opinion the best line up Counter Strike history. Amazing awper JW and legendary Rifler Flusha.

Navi have been playing extremely well recently winning the majority of their past five games by winning four compared to Fnatic who have won two of their last five against Liquid and Conquest.

This fight originally was Fnatic vs TBD. The winner of EnvyUs vs Navi would proceed to the final. Navi won EnvyUs but EnvyUs won against Fnatic which gives hope that Navi could win this game tonight.

Prediction: 70% for Fnatic.

A.Auth vs L1

Date: 14th of December 2015.
Time: 2AM GMT.
Tournament: RGN ShowSeries.
Format: This is a Best of 3 event.

A.Auth and L1 have previously played each other in October with L1 taking the win being the favorite. Although it has been two months since their game and A.Auth have been winning a fair amount of games and gaining the experience which is a crucial part of winning games.

A.Auth have won 40% of their last five games with wins over Gosu and Nexus but also losses from Nexus.S and tonight’s challenger L1.

Leader-1 have won 60% of their games taking a win from Astral Authority , Vault and Noble.
Astral Authority’s best map is Cache. We’ve seen them demolish team Gosu with a whooping 16 – 3 result and also cutting it close against Nexus with a 16 – 14 result.

Their worst map is Inferno but fortunately that is also L1’s worst map so it will be interesting to see if it gets chosen by the veto system.

L1’s best map is Mirage we have seen extraordinary plays in L1’s game against the professional team , CLG with L1 taking this game with a 16 – 14 result!

Prediction: 74% for L1 to win , seeming this is a BO3 I believe that A.Authority could take one map making the end result 2-1 to L1.