CSGO Update adds Graffiti.



Valve have introduced a new “Graffiti Update” to CSGO. This update brings with it some features right from CS 1.6. Players can now spray graffiti on the floor/ walls. This was a prominent feature in CS 1.6 and has been a long standing demand of the community.

Valve’s delay ( and its a 2-3 year old delay) in implementing one of the most loved features of counter strike. Although this will probably appease a lot of fans; it still raises some questions on what the developer is doing to actually improve the game. The Game’s UI has been the same since quite a long time.


Introducing the Graffiti Update, which provides the ability to mark up your world with a wide range of graffiti patterns now available as drops and through graffiti box offers.

Use your imagination and decorate the world for yourself, your friends, and (when the opportunity presents itself) your enemies. Read on for more details, and check out the Graffiti F.A.Q.

From now until Oct 10th you can get one ready-to-apply unsealed graffiti pattern just by launching the game. You’ll continue to receive graffiti as drops, and can get more on the Steam Market or by purchasing in-game graffiti boxes.