CS GO Betting Advice, Predictions & Free Bets

CS GO Betting is becoming more an more mainstream with csgo betting available on most large professional leagues and tournaments. With so many csgo betting sites it’s smart to be calculated with your investments and take advantage of betting predictions and free bets.

CS GO Betting Predictions

We will post cs go betting advice and betting predictions on site regularly. Esprts.com have in house analyst that provide tips and previews for pro scene events. Our recommendation is to take advantage of the cs go free bets avaliable to esprts.com users to check our analyst predictions. Using free bets will give you an edge and help you win, we explain more below.

CS GO Free Bets

This is a little know area to csgo bettors who think csgolounge is the only way to bet, well it’s not. Corporate bookmakers are now moving into cs go betting and will provide odds on all matches. As they are looking to attract clients away from csgolounge they offer promotional free bet sign up offers to get you started. You can get over $700 worth of esports free bets in our csgo free bet page.

CS GO Betting Options

Bookmakers csgo betting sites have a wide array of markets to wager on. Options include, Match Winner ( Money Line), Handicap Betting, Map Betting, Handicap Map Betting, Total Map Betting, Correct Map Score, Outright Winner, Group Winner and more. So much more for variety than csgo lounge!

CS GO Pro Scene Betting

The pro scene is extremely active with weekly tournaments, leagues and majors that attract the best teams in the world. Popular league’s and events include FACEIT, ESL, Counterpit, D!NGIT Weekly .

Major tournaments include IEM, Dreamhack and ESL events along with Gfinity, MLG Columbus, China Cup, iBUYPOWER Cup, FACEIT LAN and many more.

During large tournaments and finals bookmakers can offer free bets on csgo matches.