CS GO Beginners Guide


So you’ve just bought and installed Counter Strike Global Offensive and you are wondering how does everything work? Whether this is your first FPS or you’re straight out of Call of Duty this guide will give you everything you need to get started in the most competitive first person shooter of all time.

How to play, the basics

The first thing to do is to go into your key bindings and make sure that everything is how you want it, make sure every key is easily accessible when you need it and you know where everything is. Next click on find a match on the homepage of counterstrike and join a death-match server. Once you load into the server press whatever your buy key is (it is automatically set to ‘b’) and test out every weapon. Pay special attention to learning how to spray (holding down the shoot button) with the main rifles for each team (ak-47 for terrorist, m4a4 for counterterrorist).
In death-match you will learn how to react to being shot at and you will hone your shooting skills.

Once you have played enough death-match to the point you feel comfortable shooting and moving and doing all of the basics join some casual matches. These will teach you how to plant the bomb, how the economy works, how to defuse the bomb and most of all strategies.

How games are won

Once a player plays enough games and gains enough experience they will level up to level three at which point they can play the ‘competitive’ game type. This is where most counterstrike players play once hitting level three.

Competitive games are five vs five and is a best of thirty rounds. Once a team reaches sixteen round wins they will win the match and move up the ranking system. There are a few ways for a team to win a round, they include;


Killing the entire counter terrorist team before time runs out
Planting the bomb and the bomb exploding

Counter terrorist

Defusing a planted bomb regardless of how many terrorist or counter terrorist players are alive
Killing the entire terrorist team before they plant the bomb
Round time running out before the terrorist team plants the bomb or kills all counter terrorists.


There are many maps in CSGO and I suggest playing them all and learning how to play on them all however there are three main maps that you must master before playing competitively.

Dust 2: Dust 2 is the most commonly played map in the game, there are many reasons for this, it has almost perfect balance, it allows for diverse strategy and good rotations, it makes both terrorist and counter terrorist players make an immediate decision after spawning and there are many more. It is the map you will play over and over as it is by far the most common.

Mirage: Mirage is popular for all the same reasons that dust 2 is, however nowhere near as popular with that said mirage is by far the second most popular map and you will play it countless times. Quite simply a must-learn for new players.

Nuke: In my opinion nuke is flawed in many ways and is popular for reasons totally different to dust and mirage, however Nuke is played extremely often and is really important to learn as there is a lot of potential if you master the map (this map is extremely counter terrorist sided).


Strategies in CSGO can be as simple or as complex as you and your team allows them to be, they can be as simple as “rush mid then go b site” or as complex as triple fake-outs at sites. As you gain experience and move up in the game you will learn more strategies and get better at knowing which strategies are good at what times.



The main weapons that will be bought by terrorists are;


Counter Terrorist

The main weapons that will be bought by counter terrorists are;


It is important for a new player to learn how to use all of these guns effectively and accurately. There are many aim practiced maps available that will help you get better very quickly and practicing your spray on a wall will also improve your control.


In CSGO the difference between winning and losing a competitive match often comes down to the economy and money control of the teams. The first thing that should always be in your mind when it comes to the economy is that your money is not your money it’s your team’s money. If someone can’t afford a rifle and you have 8 thousand dollars buy your teammate a rifle it’s super simple stuff.

The harder part of the economy is knowing when and when not to buy and how much to buy, there are six main kinds of buys;

-Full eco, buy nothing except maybe flash bangs on the terrorist side buy nothing on counter terrorist side
-Pistol eco, on the terrorist side this means buy some flash bangs and smokes if you can afford and buy tec-9s and armour on counter terrorist side this means buy p-250s and armour
-SMG/Shotgun eco, on terrorist this usually means buy flashes smokes armour and your choice of SMG or shotgun, on counter terrorist it is pretty much the same
-Full buy, full rifles armour smokes flashes and grenades for both sides
-Force buy, everyone on the team buys as much as they can with their limited funds
-Anti-eco, similar to a force buy but done on a round that it is suspected that the enemy team will be eco buying

I hope that this article has helped give you a head start to your counter strike career and that it will give you an edge while playing and learning the game.