cs go cache map

Cache, like cobblestone, differs from the dusty brick style of map. Cache consists of metal buildings that surround the sites and middle. It has a very unique layout that works extremely well for picking, and leaving. From either side. The middle area has a boost area, requiring an extra person to climb onto a ramp roof to the left of mid.

This, along with pushes from the main middle warehouse and see ‘T’ players picking up fast picks throughout middle and opening up both sites and putting a great deal of pressure on the ‘CT’s’. This adds a divers style of play to the map as giving up any map control, can end a round. It focus’ a lot on aim and nades for this map, more than positioning, as most hold spots and post plant positions are open.

The map works mostly in CT favour, but again, it’s one of those maps where a huge amount of T rounds are being picked up and come backs are even being made on the T side. It’s a fun map to play and very heavy pick based. Easy to learn with a classic feel.