Cobblestones (de_cobblestone) style differs from all other maps in the pool. It really does take a ‘stone’ like feel and atmosphere. The sites consist of very far wide angles to hold or extremely close ones, once the Terrorists take a site, it is extremely difficult to retake it and difficult to hold the sites during a rush that forces players out of comfort as ‘CT’ players are left without cover or a chance to 1 way hold an angle.

The map is a rifle based map where an awp is used at quite a risk. Through the middle/water area it is very difficult to hold from multiple players, it is best played to a pick and a fall. The sites are both viable places to put an AWPer, but without the initial shut down, it makes it again, very hard to hold your position.

Although sounding like a very T sided map, it mostly favours the CT players but it is becoming a lot more common for T sides to pick up more rounds than expected as the T side.