Dust 2


Dust 2 ( de_dust2), being one of the most loved and played out maps throughout the Counter-Strike series, is also one of the fairest. It is a very information and ‘game sense’ based map, the ‘T’ side players have a direct decision of where they are going to push, as soon as the round begins, as middle is controlled by the ‘Counter-Terrorists’ early in the round.

The T side can also spot mid and count the enemy players that crossed to the B bomb site, and having that player count can huge impact on the ‘T’ push. It consists of a ‘Mid’ area, ‘B’ tunnels and ‘B’ bomb site, along with the ‘B’ slope and CT spawn which then moves up to the ‘A’ slope, it also consists of ‘A’ long, and ‘A’ short and A site areas.

It’s a fast paced map with explosive ‘T’ pushes and offensive ‘CT’ holds from the bomb sites. It is by far one of the most balanced maps in the map pool with an estimate 51% win rate for the T side.