csgo inferno map

Inferno (de_inferno) is by far one of the most interesting and enjoyable maps in counter-strike. Being ‘CT’ sided, the ‘T’s have to string together as many rounds as they can in order to lead the momentum into the second half.

It is an outstanding map for fast awp picks, that can completely close off a ‘T’ push. Although it is underestimated how easily ‘T’ players can pressure ‘CT’ choke points. Without early picks the round usually favours the ‘CT’ side. As anyone on B site will find it easy to shut down a push, whereas the A site has many spots to check and flanks to cover, which can make it extremely difficult also to take, and plant, but puts the T’s in a safe position for the round, as the post plant positions on the site do not need to be peaked, and will often lead to time running out.

The map consists of two middles, one being the main, and the other secondary. The top of the main mid is the opening to the ‘A’ bomb site and the bottom leads the path to ‘B’ ‘banana’. Any frags made by ‘CT’s’ in mid are extremely hard for ‘T’s to trade, leading to 4v5’s in the majority of rounds, if not played correctly. Inferno is very momentum based, seeing the majority of halves ending in (T)6-9(CT) – (T)4-11(CT).