Mirage is one of the more favoured and over-played maps in the map pool, it features a dusty dark feel, mixing up extremely close range fights with long range aim duels.

All areas of the map can be played by a CT with an AWP, which can make it difficult for T players to aggress and take rounds. It is very important for smoke and flash grenades to be used to when capturing a site or taking mid control. The map is played to the advantage of the Counter Terrorists, taking into consideration how well each site and the mid area can be held.

The far angles and close choke points can completely shut down a round. It really does make the T side a strategical mess, without proper communication and teamplay. It has a really nice feel of gameplay from the many holding points and Terrorist push zones, such as the underpass, palace and B apts areas.

It features, like most maps, a mid area with a short and connector zone, much like Dust 2.