de train cs go

Train (de_train), to me, is one of the more underplayed maps in the rotation. It is a very classic map and features a very similar layout to the older versions. It remains, the same map with that same gameplay style. It is set in a closed up train yard with trains and train carriages being placed on the sites.

It’s an interesting map as it does lack a middle but allows obvious stacks on the site, which can greatly favour the ‘CT’s’. The trains, after being smoked off can usually end in enemies getting passed a CT crosshair, although most site takes are left in aim duels.

The A site is easy to spread over and features a greater amount of options for the terrorists to take site. The map does not rely on T picks as they are hard to achieve, a lurk can be played, but very easily picked off alone. Pushes seem to end in an even trade for both sides (on an even team of course) leaving 3v3 – 2v2 – 2v3 retakes as a high chance outcome in most rounds where the T’s have pushes.

Another less common map but definitely worth learning, in any skill level.