CSL/China Cup with ~$100,000

2016 will mark an important threshold for Chinese Counter-Strike as nearly $100,000 in prize money will be doled out via the domestic CS:GO Super League and the international China Cup.

Hosted by the China Games Arena, the CS:GO Super League will offer 290,000 CNY (~$44,200) to domestic competition in a significant step-up from previous years in terms of prize-pool and scope of play.

This first phase of the CS:GO Super League will be a qualifier that will run from March 24-May12 and features 128 teams competing across a single elimination, best-of-three format until eight teams remain standing. Registration for this phase lasts from March 1-10.


CZEN are one of the few teams to receive a Direct Invite.

CZEN are one of the few teams to receive a Direct Invite.


The 128 teams will be broken down into groups of eight and each group will have one invited professional team from the Chinese region, thereby meaning that 120 teams will register.


There are Eight Invited Teams so far :

  • Tyloo
  • Allgamers
  • Born of Fire
  • TBA
  • CZEN
  • Efuture
  • TBA
  • TBa

The winner of each group (eight teams total, but not to be confused with the table listed above) then advances into the CSL first season which will run from June 2-September 4.


During the regular season, the teams will play Matches in a round robin format. Each team will end up playing 14 matches in all against their seven opponents. The top four teams will qualify for the offline final tentatively scheduled for June 2  – September 4.

1st Place – RMB 200,000 (~$30,500) + Invitation to China Cup + Championship Rings

2nd Place – RMB 50,000 (~$7630) + Invitation to China Cup

3rd Place – RMB 30,000 (~$4580)

4th Place – RMB 10,000 (~$1525

The teams finishing top two will automatically receive Invites for the China cup to be held later in the year from December 10-11 in a LAN event.


The China Cup will offer an additional 350,000 CNY (~$53,430) and feature the aforementioned two Chinese teams, one Asian team from outside of China, and a European team. Thq qualification Process has not been detailed yet.

The prize-pool distribution for the China Cup is:

  1. RMB 200,000 (~$30,500)
  2. RMB 70,000 (~$10,685)
  3. RMB 50,000 (~$7630)
  4. RMB 30,000 (~$4580)

Registration for the Sino-inclusive CSL first season qualifier kicks off today and there will no doubt be more forthcoming news that specifies the nature of the offline finals for both the CSL first season and the China Cup.


You can visit the official Website here