Cyanide returns to competitive League of Legends

After a long 2+ year break, Cyanide will return to the competitive scene

Lauri ‘Cyanide’ Happonen will be back after taking a 2 year break from professional League of Legends. He was previously playing with Fnatic, the best EU LoL team at that time. Now, he will be returning to the top levels of the EU lcs where he will represent / join Origen as their new jungler. He was picked up by xPeke, also a former Fnatic member 2-3 years ago.

It isn’t too certain how Cyanide’s performance will be after his long break, but there is no doubt his re debut game will be a hyped one. Having a veteran return to the LCS scene is always a great thing to see, especially with Cyanide and xPeke to play together on Origen.