Cybergamer reveal EU League


Cybergamer is an Australian based organisation that holds amateur leagues in Europe. The organisation has been pretty succesfull holding amateur leagues in Australia and New Zealand Regions.

They have now ventured to organise amateur tournaments in Europe. The tournament will start from October 24 with  a prize pool of €3,500. Players will need to have a premium subscription to take part in the tournament. The tournament will use a group ladder ELO format.

Teams will be able to challenge two squads at a time, playing two or three matches a week. On December 10, the ladder will be locked and the remaining challenges will be completed.


The eight teams with the highest ELO ratings will qualify for the finals which will take place on December 18 and the champions will earn €1,500 in cash prizes.

The prize pool for the finals can be found below. Note that the pool will be increased if the tournament surpasses 50 teams.

1. – €1,500
2. – €750
3. – €400
4. – €250
5-8. – €150


How to Register ?

Click here.