Cyberzen vs Mongolz, Tips Odds and Previews – Mixbot Pro League



Cyberzen and Mongolz are matched up against each other in the Mixbot Pro League to be held on the 26th of July 2016 at 12:00 CEST

We can say Cyberzen have been branching out of their comfort zone. In their early days, they used to face off just against local Chinese / Asian teams. As such putting them in perspective was always difficult, especially with their lack of experience and results against some of the weaker EU Teams. However their last three matches have been losses against Team X, Epsilon and Tyloo. This may not mean much as the team was up against much stronger teams in all three of the matches. Cyberzen have shown some amazing resilience in their individual performances. THeir record prior to these three losses was quite astounding. They are playing with their full 5 roster and their performance , especially in the teamplay section has been second to none. With players like zhoking, advent, Savagel the Cyberzen team should be able to take this match quite easily.


Mongolz have had some good results in the past. However that was with their full 5 man roster which included MachineGun. MachineGun has since been picked up by Splyce and has moved on. That has definitely created a huge skill gap in the team, which is difficult to fill. Zilkenberg is a very good player, but even he cannot be expected to carry the team against so tough opponents in Cyberzen


The match should be a fairly one sided match in favor of Cyberzen. Machinegun was a key component of Mongolz and his absence is definitely going to be felt within the team.


The Prediction :  75%-25% Cyberzen

The Bet : Medium on Cyberzen