Daily Quests coming to Pokemon Go

pokemon-go-logoIt seems that the world of Pokemon Go is moving at a frantic pace. There are almost daily developments and updates to the game, which not very long ago was termed static and had lost interest of several of its players. The game featured just catching pokemons and then there was not much that could be done in the game itself.

However Niantic has been quick to add various features in the game with the promise of several more to come.

Pokemogohub developers have dug deeper into the code of last weeks update and found some really interesting facts. It seems there might be Daily quests being added to the game. Daily quests, as the name suggests would feature regular quests to be done by the players. This is definitely guaranteed to keep the game fresh and exciting for the players for quite sometime.

We’ve datamined the hex code behind the 0.43.3 version of the global-metadata.datdump. We have an exciting discovery to share: daily quests are coming to Pokemon GO and they look amazing!

We’ll start with with the TLDR version of the discovery and dive right into the code below:

  • Daily Quests are coming, with three types of Daily Quests
    • First Catch of The Day
    • First PokeStop of the Day
  • The network and protobuf support is already in the metadata, implying Niantic can turn on the feature any time they want
  • The rewards are not clear at this point, but the code references incubators

pokemon-go-eggGoing off the text released by PokemonGoHub , it seems there will be daily quests added; particularly featuring the first catch of the day along with First pokestop of the day. The prizes, while not stated yet are rumored to be Incubators. Keep in mind that Incubators are basically distance measures which measure the distance that you can walk your pokemons. There is one default incubator with infinite uses. However if people do want to use multiple incubators ( thus doubling their distance covered on various incubators combined) the only way to obtain them right now is to buy them off the shop. It seems Niantic is willing to undermine some of their revenues in order to keep the incumbent players in the game. While they might not publicly admit it yet, the mass exodus of players away from the game definitely is a worrying sign for a game that has grossed global attention like no other game has.


Delving deeper into the technical aspects of the metadata found PokemonGoHub states;

New QuestType enumeration leaks

Head on, the collection of hardcoded values inside the metadata dump now shows a new entry:


We were monitoring this particular section of the metadata file closely for weeks already. It’s very exciting to see new additions here! Now, this sparked our curiosity a lot, so we went on to search through the file in more details.

DailyQuestProto handlers and triggers found

After seeing the new enumerations we were sure something is up, so we looked up the protocol buffer section of the metadata. Protocol buffers are a network protocol used by the game to communicate with Niantic servers.

There are a few new protobuf calls related to daily calls, hidden under name DailyQuestProto:


We cannot confirm yet, but it looks like the Daily Quest reward will be an incubator, or at least there is a chance you’ll get an incubator as a reward.

We are still working out other parts of the metadata dump file. Will report again when we have something new.