Daps hints at organisations not letting go of new unknown talent despite demand from other teams


Organisations have always scouted for new talent. New talent being new as they are always end up signing contracts with organisations with the hope of one day playing professionally for them. But most of the times organisations are only interested in developing the talent in their own backyard. Only if a talent is exceptionally talented can he see a chance of going professional in the team. A lot of talent just perishes in the team even if they are doing nothing for the organisation.

There have been times in the past when other organisations would like to give a player a chance. However the contractually obliged player cannot just move to another organisation. His org will put a heavy price on his buyout which then becomes financially unviable for anyone to proceed with the deal.

The most famous example of such a situation has been with Tarik. Tarik however was already well known and established by then. There are several unknown players who are extremely talented but cannot escape the ´contract´