Dardoch joins Team Liquid

Top NA Jungler “Dardoch” has signed with CLG

Dardoch has joined Counter Logic Gaming on the team’s starting roster as their jungler. He has always been renowned to be a top tier jungler in the North American scene, representing major teams in the past such as Team Liquid and Immortals. Due to the recent downfall of Immortals and their overall lack of success in the competitive scene, he along with the team decided to transfer his contract to CLG. His individual performance has extremely strong in 2016, while only finishing 5th and 4th place last year with Team Liquid in the Summer and Spring splits respectively, Dardoch managed to score the “most valued player ” (MVP) achievement of the week, twice in the Spring split.

His mechanical skill is definitely top nosh being one of the primary play makers in his time in both TL and IMT. With this recent move, many have expected this deal between Dardoch and CLG to kick start the team back into the top tier teams. It has also been mentioned by the community that the transfer will allow Dardoch to play much better, as the CLG members are comparatively more experienced and are able to hold their own ground much stronger compared to IMT.

While Dardoch had previous toxicity issues in the past, hopefully he will change his ways as he shows so much promise this year!