Dark Sided creates cs.go team

Following their roster transfers 2 motnhs ago, they have found a band new roster

Dark Sided had previously announced 2 months ago they would be giving up their roster to rival organisation, Athletico esports. Since then, the organisation has laid fairly low, scouting and testing new players / rosters to get back into the scene. Dark Sided ended up signing a completed roster who previously went by Riotous Raccoons, an amature / newer team that is seen by many to one of the rising stars in the Oceania scene.

The Australia team consists of all fairly young players under the age of 20. While the players have yet to gain much competitive experience, their deal with Dark Sided will undoubtedly raise the talent in all the 5 players. The roster in the past has participated in fairly large tournaments in the Australian scene and is set to only improve with the help of a proper organisation.