Deathsworn vs Championship – LoL Skins

This post, we’ll be directly comparing the Deathsworn to the Championship skinline

In the recent League of Legends patch, Riot has released a new skin line. The line is themed around a black and blue colour scheme with a lightning to blue fire type of look. This is extremely simular to the existing championship skin line that is released one every year as the official skin for the League of Legends World Championship.

Both the Deathsworn and Championship skins look really great, with quality effects. The Deathsworn skins lean more towards a more dominant lighter blue also having a futuristic type of feel, simular to the pulse fire line.

Since the championship skin line is extremely popular, likely due to the colour scheme, Riot has decided to release this Deathsworn skin line. It is expected Riot will continue to release these type of skins.