Deck review : Mech Mage

Deck name : Mech Mage

Rank 2 (Currently)

Strategy:  Mech mage

“Mech mage” is an aggressive style type deck which focuses on the player having a
very strong early game. To do this, a “Mech Mage” Mech mage manawill always try and look for the “Mech Warper” to flood the board with reduced cost mech minions such as “Spider Tank” and “Clock work Gnome”. Mech mage can also focus on board clear depending on the game play style a player prefers, since the deck has high value minions and is loaded with spells to remove enemy minions. If you decide to play a control style, avoid using your spare parts so you’re able to combo them with “archmage antonidas” to gain more fire balls, as that will be your win condition if you try control the board. Other than that, mulligan is quite general for both play styles, you aim to get the mechs like “Clock work gnome”, “Mech Warper”, “Spider tank” and “Piloted Shredder”.


Card Breakdown :

Clockwork Gnome : Cheap but also a key card to gain early board control and flood the board. Excellent when combo’d with “Mechwarper” since it will cost 0 when the “Mech warper” is played. 1 mana 2-1 is decent stat wise, also give you a spare part when it is destroyed, which can be useful by its own, or extremely value if used with “Archmage Antonidas”

Cogmaster : This card is a somewhat soft taunt, since it 2 attack will be added to it when any Mech classed card is present on the board. This card is used to add huge amounts of early board pressure, and early board presence able to be used to trade up against higher cost enemy minions.

Frostbolt : Very strong spell use for removal of enemy minions, this card can also be used to stall higher threat minions since it applies the “Freeze effect”. Since it’s low cost, it will gain value most of the time, since for 2 mana it will either kill a card, or stop it’s damage for 1 turn and protect your board.

Annoy-o-Tron : Like its name suggests, it’s annoying for your enemy. It forces them to attack the minion twice before they can reach your other minions, which means its an excellent card to be used to protect your cards. Since it’s a mech classed card, it can be used early to protect your “Mech warper” so you can flood the board even more!.

Mechwarper : This card is the core card which makes this deck sooooo good. It adds a chance which the mage will just win straight up from the mulligan, since drawing this card, along with other Mech cards would flood the board so much the enemy would be unable to cope. In case you didn’t read the “Mech Warper” effect, it reduces the cost of all Mech cards by 1 mana!

Snow Chugger : Good card that stops weapon wielding classes like Rogue, Warrior or Palladin from clearing your board. This card will protect your card, and if required, be used to freeze a high threat minion which also, protects your board. The freeze effect is really helpful, and this card can also be considered a soft taunt card.

Harvest Golem : Just another mech card that is used to flood the early game board. “Harvest Golem” is quite a sticky minion since it’s deathrattle is summon a 2-1 version of its self. Can be used to trade with enemy minions to protect your board.

Spider Tank : Same idea as harvest golem, used to flood the early game board. It’s great 3-4 stats make it hard to remove, and a reliable source of damage if you decide to play aggressive.

Tinkertown Technician : Great card since when played, you will almost get the bonus every time since you are playing a mech deck. Also gives you a spare part when summoned which can be used with “Archmage Antonidas”.

Fireball : Can be use for removal if you REALLY need too, but this is what makes mech mage a huge threat since even when your minions is cleared in the mid game, fire ball gives the play more “reach” to kill the opponent, even if you run out of steam. Great topdeck card for lethal. Not much to be said, 6 target damage spell, good value.

Goblin blast mage : Great card since when played, you will always most likely get the battlecry value since you are playing a mech deck. This battlecry that does 1 damage 4 times to random targets can be completely game changing and can be used to clear the enemy board with the help of a few spells. 4 Mana 4 health creature with 5 attack adds tons of pressure, and when protected by cards like “Annoy-o-Tron”, it is just a huge source of damage.

Mechanical Yeti : Well, this card is exactly like “childwind yeti” which is already a strong card, not only that, but mechanical yeti is a mech, wow what a surprise… This means the mechanical yeti can be follow up a turn 2 “mech warper”, turn 3 Mechanical yeti is just so strong! Gives spare parts to both players, but it give you better value since you have “Archmage Antonidas”.

Polited Shredder : Same concept as Harvest golem, good sticky minion, since it has a good death rattle which will summon another minions, in this case, a random 2 drop. This card is great since clearing it isn’t too good for the enemy since it will spawn a random 2 drop, but not killing it would give you 4 damage, which is huge! Great card to apply pressure, and also trade with other minions, overall an awesome high tier card!

Loatheb : Not much to be said about “Loatheb”, pretty much used in every control / mid range type deck, good against any class to mess up one of their turns. Very good against mirror match up against Mech mage, or any other age deck.

Flame Strike : Good card used to clear the enemy board, high tier AoE spell. This will help stabilize the board and add more pressure to the enemy. Gets value most of the time.

Archmage Antonidas : Essential to Mech Mage since it works EXTREMELY well with Spare Parts. Spare parts are so good when used with this card since spare parts are spells, which cost only 1 mana! This means the are basically a fire ball for 5 mana if “Archmage Antonidas” is present, since mech mage run out of steam, this card another win condition for the deck.

Dr. Boom : High tier card used to stabilize the board, good draw late game since this deck tends to run out of steam if the board is cleared. Not much to be said about this card, just an awesome card used in most decks throughout Hearthstone.


Mulligan /gameplay :

General : Try get all your lower cost mechs, don’t keep 4 drop mechs unless you’re player 2 with coin, and have a double mech warper start. Avoid keeping spells, frost bolt is fine to be kept if you have 2 or more low cost mechs. Try mulligan aggressively for “Mech warper”, since if you get one of those and a clock work gnome, your chances of winning will shoot up by a ton. I prefer to play Mech mage as an aggressive deck, so I will flood the board, and even if it get destroyed, I like to have atleast 3 or 4 cards in hand, do not go lower than that or else you will run out of steam. Save spare parts for “Archmage Antonidas” obviously.

Rogue : General mulligan and game play, take note at the bottom part of “General” since rogue has tons of board clear, and you will surely run out of steam early game if you flood the board too much. Play conservatively, and don’t get too overboard or you will definitely lose from combos such as “Deadly poison” + “Blade Flurry”.

Warlock : Against zoo, play fully aggressive since you will out damage the Zoolock in a face damage race because you run “fire ball”. You can play more aggressively against Zoolock, but clearing minions would be smart too since on a rare occasion, they can run “shadowflame”. Against a Renolock or Handlock you must play an control type style, and wait for the later game where you can use your spare parts and “Archmage Antonidas” since damage against Renolcok and Handlock don’t realy mater early in the match.

Paladin : General game play, don’t over extend into “equality” + “consecration” or “pyromancer” + “equality”. However if you encounter a “Murlock Pally”,you MUST kill him before turn 10, or your chance of winning are near 0 since “Any’fin can happen” will most likely OTK you.

Warrior : When against a warrior, keep your mid drop Mechs like “Piloted Shredder” and Harvest golem” since you want minion that can stick to the board, even after they equip a weapon and hit. In terms of game play, just general gameplay since you need to play aaround brawl, since that is a common control warrior card. Only play around 1, since warriors mostly only run 1, and even if they run another, playing around a second one would make lose board presence.

Shaman : Against a general shaman deck, just play and mulligan generally. Against a Mech shaman, you have to play control, since they do out damage you as they have more direct damaging spells into their deck like “lightning bolt”, “crackle” and “lavaburst”. Make sure you dnt play too many minions against any shaman deck since they run “lightning storm”, mech shamans also run

Druid : Same game mulligan like against warrior. However, game play wise, try kill them before their turn 9 “force of nature” and “savage roar” combo. You can flood the board and over extrend abit more than in general game play, since druid has little AOE removal, since swipe only does 4 damage to a single target, and a mere 1 damage to other targets.

Mage : General mulligan, keep loatheb if you are player 2. Game play wise, you can over extend up to 4 minions, but keep in mind mage has tons of AoE removal like “Flame strike”, “Blizzard” and the infamous “Doomsdayer” + “Frost nova” combo.

Hunter : Same game play style as against Zoolock, since you can easily out damage the opponent hunter. Only kill minions if you want to protect the divine shield, or keep the taunt up in your “annoy-o-tron”.

Priest : Mulligan your mech like usual, but care not to over extend. As priest has the deadliest combo to clear your minions, costing 4 mana, the 2 card combo of “auchenai soul priest” + “circle of healing” will most likely clear your whole board. This combo can easily cause you to run out of steam, since it is used so early, you wont get much damage in either. Priest is the hardest match up for Mech mage since it has sooooooo many board clears, they also have access to “holy nova” and “lightbomb” so try to keep 3 cards in your hand even if after a board clear, priests can easily follow up without another one.

Good Combos :

Turn 2 : Mech warper + Mech warper + clockwork gnome + clockwork gnome. Turn 3 : annoy-o-tron + piloted shredder

Turn 2 : Coin + Harvest Golem. Turn 3 : Tinker town technician

Turn 5 : Clockwork gnome + Goblin blast mage

Turn 8 : Archmage Antonidas + Finicky cloackfield

Have fun trying to climb with this deck, this deck is very fun to play is you are able to start with and protect your Mechwarper.
Good luck guys!

Cheers, Boozy