Deck review : Oil Rogue


Deck name : Oil Rogue

Strategy : Oil rogue list

Keep board control with the aids of various spells and to cycle cards until you
draw cards to add huge pressure such as “Piloted Shredder”, “Dr.Boom” aOil rogue manand “Tinker’s Sharpsword oil”. As an oil rogue, you cycle for these cards since your aim is to draw the cards that add pressure, since rogue can have crazy 5 or 6 card combo turns, you’d want as many options as possible to apply the best pressure possible. Your main pressure in this deck is through the use of “Preparation” and “Tinker’s Sharpsword oil”, which is a 2 card combo that only costs 1 mana adding 3 damage to yor weapon and a random minion.”. Avoid using “Deadly poison” earlier in the game, since it is a great combo card with the ability to clear the board too with blade flurry. Fill your hand as much as possible so the opponent will be extremely careful to the amount of minions they play since they will be passively wary of a rogue’s board clear potential with “Blade flurry”.


Card Breakdown :

Backstab: Backstab is an excellent card that can help aid trigger the effect of combo cards due to its low cost that can be played at almost anytime. Great card to stop early aggression from decks such as “Secret Pally” and “Facehunter” since it can eliminate pesky cards such as “knifejuggler” or “secret keeper”.

Preparation :

Key card to play any rogue deck, use to aids with board clear and multiple card combos. “Preparation” is pretty much a card that gives you 3 mana if you’re going to use a spell later. Note that using 2 “Preparation’s” back to back does not give you a 6 mana discount on the next spell, all you’re doing is wasting a “Preparation”.

Deadly Poison :

Great combo card, used for board removal with the aid of “Blade flurry” and provides great value. Essentially when use with your hero power, you gain damage just for 1 mana since hero power in rogue is pretty much always early anyway, so you don’t count the 2 mana as turn 2 is usually skipped as an “Oil rogue” player.

Blade Flurry :

Essential card for playing any rogue deck. Blade flurry can help easily help clear the board and double the damage dealt to the enemy in one turn, since you are able to hit the enemy first and blade flurry. Example, 4-2 weapon is sued to hit face one for 4 damage, since blade flurry would trigger another 4 damage to everything, 8 damage dealt directly to your opponent. Note that blade flurry can hit Stealth minions since it’s a non targeting spell AoE spell.

Eviscerate :

Good card to help clear minions that are usually harder to reach, as well as a great source of direct damage which can be used in a large combo turn to directly kill the opponent.


Kobold Geomancer :

Used to help combo with spells and aid in board clear, this card can also be replaces with “Blood mage Thalnos”, Kobold is used since it is this particular deck we are reviewing. Note that this card will add an extra damage when “Blade Flurry” is used.

Fan of Knives :

Good cycle card that can be used any time even if there isn’t any minions on the enemy board. This card destroys paladin since it obliterates the squires from “Muster of Battle”, and also rids Divine shields.

Earthen Ring Farseer :

Decent card that can help you out of sticky situation and help you live for a turn or 2 against agro decks that have run out of steam due to your removal.

SI:7 Agent

Extremely high tier rogue card which is mainly value due to its combo effect to deal 2 damage to an enemy. Helps with removal early game, this card SUPERB when you are play 2 since it had the ability to be played turn 2 with the combo effect to clear 3-2 minions such as “Flame Imp” and “Knife Juggler”

Sabotage :

Very helpful card that will destroy a random minion, as well with the combo effect that will destroy the opponent’s weapon too. Great card that can really help you out of sticky situation when a large minion is played, what’s best is that it can destroy any weapon such as “Death’s Bite” and “Ash bringer”.

Tinker’s Sharpsword oil :

This AWESOME card is the main reason “Oil rogue” exists, and is the main difference between this deck and other rogue decks. Crazy card that is used with “Preparation” to unexpectedly chunk out damage to your opponent and apply loads of pressure.

Piloted Shredder :

High tier card that packs load of value enables you to trade efficiently and to gain boar control. Overall awesome card ,nothing much to say about it.

Antique Healbot :

Healing is essential in all rogue decks since you will be using weapons to help clear minions and gain board control. The card also helps oil rogue destroy aggressive decks even more.

Loatheb :

This card is an overall great card which sets up for lethal next turn with your multiple card combo turns. Helps against freeze mage which usually beat oil rogue due to “IceBlock” since the rogue will run out of steam once the kill turn fails



Sludge belcher :

Stop the aggression against your face. Used to protect minions with the “Tinker’s Sharpsword oil” combo effect which will require the opponent to used removal spells on it. As a rogue, you want to be able to dictate the trades, not the other way around, sludge belcher is also a strong 5 drop which rogue’s lack in since “Loatheb” will not be advisable to use recklessly in turn 5.

Sprint :

Extremely high tier which provides a great way to card draw late game when you’ve run out of steam. Great when used together with “Preparation” since s cheap 2 card combo only costs 4 mana to draw an amazing 4 cards!


Big threat that requires enemies to deal with it using various cards. If left on the board, you will most likely gain board control in definitely since “Dr.Boom” can efficiently trade with the help of the “Boom bots”.



Mulligan / gameplay

Rogue : In a rogue v rogue match up, you will be trying to fight for board control, but be careful not to over extend and play too many minions that can be cleared easily. For your starting mulligan, keep card draws such as “fan of knives” and the two card combo “Preparation” and “Sprint” as the game will depend on who draws their mid game minions like “Piloted Shredder”, “Loatheb” or “Sludge Belcher” first.

Warlock : Draw try mulligan for cards such as “deadly poison” and “back stab” as both are quality against stopping the aggression from “Zoolock”. Also keep cards like “sap” and eviscerate, since both “Zoolock” and “Handlock” may create taunts through “defender of argus”.

Paladin : Aim to keep AoE cards in mulligan like “Fan of knives” and “blade flurry” since paladin’s have a load of smaller health minions which can be cleared easily with AoE. Avoid keeping cards above 4 cost like “piloted shredder” as board clear is the most important in this match up.

Warrior : Quite a hard match up since warrior will have an overall very high life total throughout the game, and rogue can easily run out of steam. Try go for early aggression with “Tinker’s Sharpsword oil “, avoid minions from getting damaged so they won’t be able to be targeted by “execute”.

Shaman : Same game play and mulligan against “Zoolock”, keep board clears to keep the enemy’s board to a minimum to prevent aggression. Make sure your life total is above 15 to prevent the shaman from a sneaky OTK from double “crackle” and “lavaburst”.

Druid : Similar game play like when you play against a warrior, try go for early aggression before the druid can play larger taunt minions like “Druid of the claw” or “Ancient of War”. Make sure you have a spare “sap” in your hand to remove a minion from the board so you are able to go for a huge multiple combo card turn to kill the opponent.

Mage: Against a mech mage, you want to play a similar game style as against a paladin deck. If it’s a tempo or freeze mage, try go for early agro, but if you are able to use “sprint” use it, since card draw is important.

Hunter : Same game play style as paladin and mage, keep board clears to stop aggression. Card draw isn’t very important in this match up, since playing aggressive decks forces you to focus more on board control and your life total. Try keep as much board control as possible when against a hunter, make sure you don’t clear a minion with face above 3 or 4 attack, unless you really have to.

Priest : Exactly same game play as warrior and druid. Go for early aggression, but don’t put more than 3 minions on board since “light bomb” and the two card combo of “Auchenai soulpriest” and “Circle of healing” can cause you to easily run out of steam. “Sprint” if possible to maximize your possible combo turns.

Good combos :

  • Deadly poison + blade flurry
  • Back stab + SI:7 Agent
  • Preparation + Sprint Preparation + Tinker’s Sharpsword oil + Preparation + Tinker’s Sharpsword oil + sap + eviscerate + eviscerate.
  • Hero power + Loatheb + Sap + Preparation + Tinker’s Sharpsword oil

This deck might seem simple to play, but infact it’s the opposite. You have to constantly think of future lethal turns constantly and simply use your cards wisely to prevent running out of steam. Don’t expect yourself to be a godlike rogue player, as rogue is in my opinion the hardest deck to play in Ranked play, and not many rogue players are in legend either.

Just keep practicing to improve, Oil Rogue is a really fun deck to play since you can do massive combo turns.

Have fun testing this deck out !