Deck Review : Secret Paladin

Deck name : Secret Pally

Secret Cancer deckSecret Pally mana



As a “Secret paladin” you are now officially on par, or more so cancerous compared to the common pest, “Face hunter”. To play “Secret Pally”, your aim of the game is to keep control of the “board” until the late game, where you summon your “Mysterious Challenger” card, giving you multiple secrets which work together extremely well. Once you play your “Mysterious Challenger”, you are now ready to go face, and hit HARDDDDD, enemies will definitely struggle to clear your minions once you play the “Mysterious challenger” as the secrets will either buff or protect your other minions.

Card Breakdown :

Avenge : You absolutely need this secret to play “Secret pally”, as this card can add so much pressure if an enemy is only able to destroy a single minion, therefore buffing your other minion’s health by 2 and buffing it’s attack by 3 damage!

Competitive Spirit : Decent card which buffs all your minions by 1-1 at the start of your next turn. This card works extremely well with “Muster of battle”, essentially, “Competitive spirit” doubles the attack and health of the recruits which will add much needed tempo to “control the board” until the later game.

Noble Sacrifice : By far the best secret out of the 4 in the deck, “Noble Sacrifice” will block any enemy attack (Not spells, but including weapons or druid hero power), which is SUPER GREAT, as it will protect your other minions, and also when activated, it can trigger avenge too, and will not only protect other minions, but buff 1 of them.

Redemption : Decent secret, you get the value from it since it can revive a card at 1 hp, which is not much but it still requires an enemy to either trade a card in for it, or use a spell on it, which is mainly the reason why a 1 mana cost card, can attain value. Works extremely ill if triggered upon “Haunted Creeper”, “Shielded minibot” and Piloted Shredder, as you will get the effect of all the minions an extra time, VALUE!

Zombie Chow: This card is to control the board early game, and to ensure you will safely play other minions, giving 5 health to the opponent once it dies isn’t a big deal, since you won’t be going face until later in the game. If you draw it late game, it might be better to not play it, as then you will be aiming to kill the opponent, never play this card late game if your secret “Redemption” is active.

Haunted Creeper: Slow card that doesn’t provide much attack, but is used to control the board and clear enemy minions, great value card! Advised to play this turn 2 against a mirror match against another paladin, to pop the divine shield of the enemy “Shielded minibot”, this card works well with Knife juggler.

Knife Jugler: Applies a lot of pressure late game, forces removal from enemy. “Knife juggler” is a valuable agro card which should be protected and be the last option to play on turn 2. This card works VERY WELL with “Muster of battle”.

Shielded Minibot : I consider “Shielded Minibot” to be the best 2-drop card in the game. This card can trade evenly with a 2-3 card across 2 turns, kill a 3-2 straight up, provide up to 4 damage across 2 turns, or be used to combo a turn 3 coin “Blessing of kings”. Insanely good removal card that is ESSENTIAL in any paladin deck.

Cog Hammer : Great card, used for removal and protection of your own health. “Cog Hammer” gives a minion Taunt and Divine shield which are 2 great buffs on a minion, especially against enemy agro decks which are rampant in the season. Giving one of your minion’s divine shield is sooooooooooooo, good as it prevent them from being destroyed, great tempo card along with the 3 charges at 2 damage each which is the weapon itself.

Divine Favor : Good card which comes in extremely helpful against control decks, such as Handlock, Freeze Mage and Control warrior. This card can be insane against decks which require the opponent to preserve multiple cards since you equal your amount of cards to theirs. “Divine favor” is especially good in “Secret Pally” since you can easily empty out your hand with secrets if you draw them, then gain crazy value from “Divine Favor”

Muster of Battle: Awesome value card, used for clearing which will slow enemy agro decks right down. Needed to play many Paladin decks since it gives so much tempo to the player.

Blessing of Kings : Insane card which will provide value almost all the time, since a buff of 4-4 is CRAZY good. Rarely a dead draw, since as a paladin, even if you don’t have a minion on board, you can use your hero power and “Blessing of Kings”.

Keeper of Uldaman : Very High quality card, “Keeper of Uldamen” is awesome since it can buff your recruit to 3-3 which will allow you to clear with it and add tons of tempo if coined on turn 3, and applied to a recruit, as the 3-3 will most likely survive and add a huge amount of tempo and give you board control. “Keeper of Uldaman” is great against control decks too, since it is able to set any minion’s health and attack to 3-3, for example if a “Handlock” decides to taunt of big on a “Molten Giant”, you can simply set it to 3-3 and kill the “Handlock” with easy.

Piloted Shredder : Great overall card with good value. Played in many decks including “Secret Pally” since it can trade with enemy minions, while summoning a random 2-drop to aid in your quest for board control.

Loatheb : 5 mana 5-5 which cause all enemy spell’s mana cost to be increase by 5 which can be game changing depending on which turn is played. For example, playing it on turn 6 against a mage preventing their turn 7 Flame strike, resulting of the prevention of your board being cleared.

Sludge Belcher : 1 Sludge Belcher is included to aids against the battle of enemy agro decks and to also gives a safe passage to “Mysterious Challenger” being played.

Mysterious Challenger: The KEY card to “Secret Pally”, this card is INSANEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. It immediately plays all secrets in your deck which gives the player a TREMENDOUS amount of tempo that is so game changing, it changes the game style of the deck from control to agro. It is such an important card in the deck that, if you don’t draw it, you face losing the game, if you are player 2, with a relatively early hand, make sure you keep this card.

Dr.Boom : Insane value card, played in many decks including this one, not much to be said beside that this is the best card in the game that can easy stabilize you even if you think you are losing quite badly.

Lay on Hands : This card can be replaced with “Tirion Fordring” if you choose, I prefer “Lay of Hands” since it give you card draw, heals you which is better than a taunt especially against face hunter, as they can still hero power you to death if you have “Tirion Fordring” , and also use spells to kill you. This card can also be used on a card with low health, and can heal them up to full, such as a low health “Dr Boom” or a card with “Blessing of Kings” on it.

Mulligans / gameplay:

Standard Gameplay: Keep control / low cost cards to keep control on the board with cards such as “Shielded minibot”, “Haunted creeper” and “Muster of Battle”. Standard gameplay is to keep control of the board fully until you are able to take complete board control with Mysterious challenger, by than you go face and try kill them across 2 turns.

Rogue: Standard gameplay, avoid playing too many minions as rogues can easily clear your board with their various cards of AoE. Also, keep Shredders as rogue struggle to clear them, and it forces them to use more than 1 card to clear the Shredder fully. Be careful of your turn 3 “Muster of Battle” since they too have a turn 3 “Fan of knives” which deal 1 damage to all minions.

Warlock: Standard game play, if it is a handlock, watch out how much damage you deal to their face directly and try prevent them from playing their “Molten Giants”. Keep your “Keeper of Uldaman” as it is great against both Handlock and Zoolock sinne against Handlock you can use the 3-3 effect on taunted giants or twilight drakes, or also use it against the Zoolock’s Doomguard or Malganis.

Paladin: Standard game play, keeper Mysterious Challenger since if you fail to play this card turn 6, you will be at a great disadvantage. Make sure you are the one who gets board control, play haunted turn 2 so you can pop the divine shield on the enemy shielded minibot. Use cog hammer turn 3 if you have a minion on board, as the weapon charges will help you clear with much more easy.

Warrior: Fully Standard game play, you may want to go aggressive a little more early as you want to aim to kill them before they play their huge minions such as Ragnaros, or Gromash Hell scream.

Shaman: Standard game play, common shaman decks are Mech agro shaman so try to preserve your health as much as possible, and use your bog hammer wisely. Shaman have HUGE burst potential, and can easily kill you with their high damage spells.

Druid: Fully Standard game play like Warrior, try kill them before they play big minions like Ancient of War, or are able to kill you with Combo (Force of nature + Savage roar)

Mage: Keep mid range cards such as shredder and Muster of battle, as mage’s struggle to clear those cards. Make sure to kill the “Flame Waker” if they play it, since it is a very big threat. Keep Loathab too, since it is a great card against every mage deck and can set the mage very far behind if played correctly.

Hunter: Keep all the low cost cards, besides the secrets as you will need the lost cost cards to clear the enemy minions until you draw sludge belcher, cog hammer, or lay on hands. The only secret you can keep if you choose, is Noble sacrifice, since it prevent damage to you face and can kill enemy minions. Once you survive to the mid / late game, you should easily be able to over power the enemy hunter.

Priest : Standard game play. Be careful no to play too many minions as priest have various amounts of board clear around the 4-6 mana range with the Auchenai Soul priest + Circle of healing, holy nova and also light nova which will destroy your board.



Good Combos

  • Turn 1: Noble sacrifice. Turn 2 : Knife Juggler (Play knife juggler turn 2 only if you have some sort of protection)
  • Turn 2 : Knife Juggler. Turn 3 : Muster for battle
  • Turn 2 : Shielded Minibot. Turn 3 : Coin + Blessing of Kings
  • Turn 2 : Avenge + Competitive Spirit. Turn 3 : Muster for Battle
  • Turn 4 : Piloted Shredder. Turn 5: Coin + Mysterious challenger. Turn 6: Cog hammer + Divine Favor