DenDD vs Alternate Attax– 99Damage Tips, Odds and Preview


DenDD vs Alternate Attax

99 Damage

DenDD had a very good match yesterday against NerdRage. That being said, NerdRage are not really the best team out there in terms of raw aim. DenDD definitely have been playing just about ok especailly with those losses against PixelFire staring large on them. As a team DenDD are a very skilled team, more so in comparison with Alternate Attax. Their level of gameplay is on another level altogether. However the problem with the team is if they can maintain their level of consistency in today’s match.


Alternate Attax on their part have been slacking a lot. They lost and tied matches against CPHW, Torpedo, Vexed, Planetkey. These teams are some teams that are slumping or just plain bad in some situations.Alternate attax should be able to win this match unless and until DenDD mess up their vetoes.


Considering this is an elimination match in the tournament,  DenDD would be taking this quite seriously. it is a small tournament with some really easy money for the winning team ( $15000). Even getting to the second place will get the team $8000. It is definitely worth playing good for some easy money.

PlayOffs Prize Pool

The prediction : 68%-32%.

The bet : Low to medium on DenDD.