DenDD vs Orbit | Rising Stars Tournament | Tips, Odds and Previews

Rising Stars


DenDD and Orbit are matched up against each other in the Rising Stars tournament to be held on the 2nd of June 2016 at 20:00 CEST



DenDD Past Matches


  • Lose 0-2 Space soldiers
  • 1-1 CPHW
  • 1-2 CPHW
  • 1-2 Gambit
  • 16-7 Alpha


Orbit Past Matches


  • 2-0 Epiphany Bolt
  • 1-1 LDLC
  • 1-1 Space soldiers
  • 1-1 CPHW
  • 2-0 ANOX



Again this match paints a similar pictures to match-up between D&G and ENCE. DenDD’s roster does not seem to be painting the same picture as Orbits does. DenDD have a predominantly Swedish lineup.The swedish roster relies mainly on their aim and skill to win games, whereas Orbit relies on a mix of their aim and the team play. The team play factor can be seen from their general choice of maps that they like to play which are mostly CT oriented and mostly strategically based.


Orbit have also shown a slight resurgence in their results. Their matches have been mostly tied up at 1-1 with various teams. Considering this is a best of two match, I would say a medium bet on Orbit is safer than a medium bet on DenDD.



The Prediction: 55%-45% Orbit

The Bet : Low to Medium on Orbit