DenDD vs Property ( Female ) – Nordic Masters Tips, Odds and Preview

Games4uDenDD and Property (Female)  are matched up against each other in the Nordic Masters Tournament on the 20th of February 2016 at 11:30 CET.




DenDD are a Swedish team and have had decent results. They are a lower tier T2 / Higher T3 team. They have been inconsistent and sometimes have had results that can be amazing upsets yet can as easily lose to much weaker teams. DenDD has some really good players in zende, pg, robiin and Dumas. They actually have had some really good results by defeating teams such as Penta, Publiclir etc. They even managed to win one map against ENCE. Their skill level definitely seems to be much higher than Property.


Property (Female)


Property Female is not a higher level Female team. They have lost almost all their recent matches to other female teams. Their performance has been much lower amongst the female teams and that should speak for itself. Property should stand no chance against DenDD who are much better in skill and experience than Property Female.


The Prediction : 85%-15%

The bet : High on Dendd