Denial eSports player fined for refusing to play – HotS


An unnamed Denial eSports player will be fined for refusing to play remaining matches in the Bloodlust tournament

After a disappointing loss to Gale Force eSports in the semi finals, Denial eSports were placed in the “loser’s bracket” and was set up to play “Nice!”. However, due to internal conflict in the team stemming from an unnamed player, Denial eSports withdrew from the tournament. The gaming organization stated that “there is a large chance that disputes will come and go between teammates” and due to the player’s “added stress of multiple real life factors, along with the pressure of maintaining his practice schedule”, the player was unwilling to compete in the matches.

This is extremely shameful from part of Denial eSports, since if there was internal conflict, they should have subbed the player out and got help from someone else. This would not only keep the team’s reputation, but it would also please the fans which crowd funded the Bloodlust tournament.