Devil to join Team Millenium



A little over a year ago, Team Millenium had announced its return to Counter Strike. They formed a team centered around the trio of Major, Six3r and fxyo. The team has achieved success in the French and the European scene. The team has always searched for players who can complement the team and despite having good results, they have failed to secure good players. This has mainly been due to the delicate situation of fxyo. As a result the stability required for a decent team was absent for the most part.



Sixer will be joining the EnVyUs starting roster and attempt to get them back to their glory days. The EnVyUs roster has been a very volatile roster with the general perception among the community being that its not stable. The French scene has had two major teams for quite long. The player shuffles and roster changes always happened within these two teams. It is encouraging to see new talent come to the forefront and hopefully this will help the teams reach their past glory days.

Sixer :

Millenium is more than just a team for me, we share a large part of my gaming history together.
I am thrilled to announce I am joining the ranks of The Therefore EnvyUs and exiting Millennium. I am very excited about the opportunity and want to thank Millenium for Trusting me for this past year.
Millenium allowed back in the szene me and now I will be playing with Reviews some of the world’s best players in EnvyUs. I shot it conduire my best level and EnvyUs thank for for this great opportunity. Also I want to thank Samish, Geekory and my teammate Oldest MAJ3R Who believe and trust on me. So see you soon!

Samish ( Manager of Team Millenium )

I am very happy to see the success of Sixer, as I am for all of my players. Christophe took a bet on the future by taking on a professional career. CS: GO and I’m proud of what he has become
The fact that EnvyUs has shown interest is a success both for him and for me . We welcome also DEVIL under our banner for our road to ESWC and appreciate his professionalism and presence.

Sixer will be replacing Devil in the EnVyUs roster. Devil will be playing for Team Millenium and will help them at ESWC.