Different problems with TWC 2016



The World Championships have finished the weekend and it would suffice to say it was not as successful as the organisers would have hoped it would be. We sit down to realise why the event was not successful. The event had a very unique concept in trying to put nationalities againt each other. This would have seen some of the best players compete against their own team-mates at some times. However the absence of the majority of the tier one professional players led to the event being very lacklustre. There were times when the maximum viewership on twitch was a meagre 1000 viewers for the tournaments.


This tournament does provide an ideal platform for upcoming talent to showcase their skills, however the tournament definitely lacked the viewership and the publicity required. Xerm from Fragbite has analysed why the event was unsuccessful.

Excerpts. :

1. Where are all the stars? The biggest name in the competition must have been the FaZe Clan player Fabien “kioShiMa” Fiey. I mean seriously? It makes me think about the world championship in hockey that also lacks the biggest stars due to the fact that the Stanley Cup is being played in North America. We need the big stars to make TWC really great, and to get them to participate we’ll need both a bigger prize pool and better planning when it comes to the “when”. I’ll get back to that last part.

2. The location. TWC has been held in Belgrade, Serbia, in two consecutive years now. A few more if you count the European tournament that it all started out with. This is a problem. Not only because it can hard for certain countries to get visas to visit Serbia, but also because it feels wrong to see the same city host the competition year after year.

3. The talents. First of all: I do not have anything against anyone of this years talents. I actually do think that the casters did okay and that rizc is doing fine as an analyst. But come on… It supposed to be a World Championship, the crème de la crème. That should be the case with the group of talents as well. And please, do not put people whom hardly can speak English in the stream to analyze the games.

4. The lack of coverage. Updates on the Electronic Flag Facebook page, that was all the coverage I saw from E-Frag during this years event. Come on… You are freaking news media for crying out loud. Your site should be filled with news articles, video interviews, scores and brackets and images. But no. Nothing. That’s really bad.

5. You didn’t even finish the website. I sent you an email three days before the competition started asking why the Swedish jersey wasn’t shown on the website when all of the others were. I got an reply the same day saying that “It will be there soon”. The event is over and there’s still no Swedish jersey on there. Neither are the lineups of the different nations presented even though you can see the text “See full roster” when hovering with the mouse over the flags of the participating nations. There are some information about tickets and accommodation, but none about where to follow the tournament online or the about the latest score. That’s not serious.

6. Planning. I know that the dates for this years finals were decided pretty early and I guess that you hoped that no one else would put an event at the same dates or even close to it. You can’t just hope that it will work like that. You have to work together with the big tournament organizers to find a date that works for everyone. This is the only way to make sure that the real professionals can attend the event which in turn will make the whole thing a lot more interesting both for the public and for sponsors.

There’s probably a lot of other stuff that I could mention but I’ll leave at that so that we can move on to the next part: How to make it better.

Xerm makes some really good points with these. There was definitely a lack of publicity for the tournament. Considering that Efrag is a media company run by some well known personalities in CSGO, the lack of coverage was definitely disheartening. We did see them trying to increase the hype around the tournament by posting links on reddit during the tournament; but overall it felt too little too late.