Dignitas Artier Interview

Excerpts from the Interview by ProOverwatch :


The first couple of matches at the Overwatch Open are already done, so bear with Artur’s predictions for the American groups. Other than that, we talked about changes in Team Dignitas, triple-tank, and a couple of other topics before the Overwatch Open.
In the World Cup Qualifier you guys did very well despite losing a map against the Baltic region, who had Star-DPS vallutaja. What was the problem there?
He is an insanely good player with Tracer and McCree. It doesn’t make a difference if we play against REUNITED or Baltic, you just notice that his impact is gigantic no matter the team.
What can you say about the rest of the matches in the World Cup qualifier?
We lost a map against South Africa because Skipjack had internet problems. He couldn’t reconnect, so we played nearly all of Dorado without him. But because of that I don’t see it as critical that we lost that map. Shit happens. Against Iceland we generally expected to win. They didn’t seem to be as strong – only one of them is kind of a pro player. Their DPS Hufficool was really good, but that’s not enough to carry the entire team.
In Team Germany you play with EISSFELDT on your side while in Dignitas you are playing with LiNkz. You and EISSFELDT play a lot of similar heroes. How did that work out and how was it playing with EISSFELDT compared to LiNkz?
First of all in Dignitas I now main Lucio. After we had some problems we started changing the roles around. For ELEAGUE I’m mostly bound to him now, which makes for a different combo. As for Team Germany, I even played Genji before Gamescom so it wasn’t much of a problem to kind of change my role for the team and play more projectile based plus Genji. EISSFELDT is a really strong player so I was fine with changing it up for the World Cup.

From Tracer to Lucio, roleswap for art1er Credit: Blizzard
Who will then take over the second DPS role in Dignitas?
BromaS and LiNkz are DPS, ToxikeN is now flex. BromaS is also taking over my role exactly, playing Tracer and McCree.
How did the Dignitas Lineup come into existence?
It’s kind of a long story. First we played for Planetkey Dynamics; there we played Dirty Bomb. Linkz and Draceus were with us, as well as outc1der and Tom. We played for a while under Planetkey, but it didn’t go so well. We had lineup changes and swapped outc1der and Tom, but the main core, with me and LiNkz, was still there. We played for a while with other guys. It didn’t go well again and in the end Bromas and ToxikeN came to us. Then we left it like that. We were then contacted by Creation eSports, who took us in as their Overwatch team. The change to Dignitas then was really hectic. We wanted to have the deal ironed out before Gamescom. Dignitas just offered a lot more to us but the CEO of Creation helped us a lot, to reach bigger goals.
At Gamescom you lost 0:2, but didn’t change up the roster. What did you guys take from Gamescom and what did you learn?
We pretty much expected to win everything and practice was going well beforehand. We even bootcamped. It just didn’t work out, somehow. I gotta say our group was really bad, too. EnvyUs was a really unlucky draw. Gamescom in general was really awesome. The casters were great, the atmosphere was nice, and it was a well-made event. Instead of changing our roster we then decided to switch roles around a bit after the tournament. We’ll see how that turns out. We can’t tell if there are ever going to be any lineup changes though. It’s hard to foresee. We don’t want to change the roster now and try to adjust to the Meta in the constellation we have now. If we can’t swap the roles anymore and all else fails we would have to change a player though. Right now it doesn’t seem like an issue though.
What is your opinion on the triple-tank Meta and does Dignitas especially have problems playing against it, specifically against NiP?
We call the triple-tank Meta cancer Meta. Until now that was Genji Winston, but not anymore. The Meta doesn’t really make much sense in our eyes. The tank just goes to the front, takes damage and Ana heals until she has her Ultimate and can Nano-Boost. To me that kind of play has nothing to do with skill. After that it’s just a couple of swings with the Hammer and you get mauled by Reinhardt. It’s really just an abuse of the mechanic.

No skill, just a couple of swings with the Hammer? Credit: Blizzard
In this composition, is the main problem the rate at which Ana charges her ult or is it that the Nano-Boost is too good on Reinhardt?
I think the Nano-Boost in general is very strong on Reinhardt. If you don’t put him to sleep with your Ana you can’t really go up against him.
Do you think Ana needs to be nerfed?
Yeah, I definitely do. Her Ultimate charges way too fast and her healing potential is just too high. It’s 75 per shot. I would lower her charge rate about 10% – 15% and then also her healing potential a bit, but less, about 5% – 10%. I would only change the charge rate at first though, not the Nano-Boost.
For the current Meta, do you think it would benefit the game, if DPS heroes could play better against tanks in general?
Yeah, of course. I don’t think the overall problem would be solved, if they change Ana. If they still play triple-tank, it will still be hard. Genji can’t really destroy the tanks, McCree got his rightclick nerfed so only Reaper and maybe Soldier 76 on high ground are left. DPS heroes aren’t weak in general, but against three tanks they reach their limits.
Do you have tips for Solo Queue DPS players?
Join voice chat. You actually need to communicate with the other players. Other than that, there isn’t much to do. You need to combine and coordinate your ultimates. That can’t be done without communication.
Any specific tips for players in the upper 500 of the bracket, who want to go pro?
Well, it’s very different if you play practice matches or public ones. I definitely meet really good players in Pubs, I think they have the potential to play in pro teams and there are players who were already found like this.
Kyb from REUNITED got picked up due to being noticed on the ladder so it’s definitely possible. Everyone has a shot at it.
Which other games besides CS and Dirty bomb did you play before Overwatch and how did they influence your current game?
I played a lot of “Return to Castle Wolfenstein”. I learned my tracking and roleplay in shooters from there. It’s a really strongly aim-based game. Most of my skill I took from Dirty Bomb though. It’s just a very fast game compared to other shooters, which feel really slow.
How is the bootcamp in the US going?
We’re in LA since the 14th. The flight was very exhausting, 30 hours because we missed a flight. Right now we are practising to play against the triple-tank Meta a lot. We kind of found a counter for that, which is going well.
What opponents are the most difficult to face and who surprised you?

suprisingly strong in scrims
One time we had a scrim-partner not show up, so we instead played Colorado Clutch. They really surprised us and played really well. They aren’t going to be at FaceIT though. We usually train against Cloud9 and other American teams though. It’s going pretty well. C9 is definitely the strongest.
We didn’t play against EnvyUs yet though, so they might be stronger. NRG is strong too, but they didn’t use triple-tank once in the scrims. I think they were trying out something different, because their triple-tank is doing so well. We didn’t play against EU teams yet. Right now we’re focusing on NA teams. They play differently.
Since you’re following the CS scene as well, what do you think about bigger casting names coming to Overwatch for ELEAGUE?
I was really surprised and thought they were only going to cast CS:GO. It’s funny to have them cast Overwatch with “inhuman reactions” and stuff.
Your team seems like the underdog in your group at the Overwatch Open. What are your predictions for the group?
The game against REUNITED will be really hard, but against NiP we could get a win. We just played against them with a ping of 170 and the match was quite close. We’re probably going to win against them and FaZe seeing as they struggle against triple-tank.
Do you know the triple-tank Meta well enough to win in a mirror match up against the same comp?
I think we really have something up our sleeve. The counter I talked about. It will probably work really well.
Who are your favorites for the other groups?
My favorites are Rogue and Misfits. Misfits is playing with a stand-in, but they should still be doing well. Of course I support Luminosity with EISSFELDT, but realistically I don’t think they can do it. In the American Group A, EnvyUs will dominate the group. Splyce, NRG and Liquid are really close. We played against all three and depending on their day form Liquid might have the upper hand over the other two.
In the other NA group Cloud9 will definitely go out as a winner. We scrimmed against Fnatic once, they actually seemed worse than we thought, so they are probably not going out second. They seem to be on a low right now. Their former strength didn’t seem to be a LAN thing, as before Gamescom their scrims were also stronger. I don’t know who else will make it, it’s kinda random.
What about ANOX?
Of course ANOX is good, but they can’t go up against Rogue or Misfits. That’s a different level of gameplay.
Who will make the regional finals in the end?
Hopefully us! Rogue and REUNITED are really strong though. They can make it out of the qualifiers. On the American side no one is going to win against EnVyUs and then maybe Cloud9 can take the second place. There will be no surprises, except maybe us.
Who will win the Overwatch Open?
Well, I hope we do. If something hinders us from winning I really hope EnVyUs are going to do it, just because of Dennis, INTERNETHULK. I really like him.