Dignitas drops entire Hearthstone team

Following a drop in tournament frequency and overall attention for Hearthstone, Dignitas will be withdrawing from the HS scene.


In an extremely short statement, Dignitas announced via their website that they will be releasing the entire Hearthstone roster consisting of 4 players.

They stated that “Today we regret to announce that we have decided to close our Hearthstone squad and release the players from their contracts with immediate effect. We have decided to no longer support Hearthstone moving forward.”

The team last year, even where Hearthstone was at it’s prime weren’t performing too well, with most of the players unable to climb high enough to place noticeably within major tournaments.

The players whom were released are :

Lewis ‘Blackout‘ Spencer
James ‘Greensheep‘ Luo
Kahjun ‘Kranich‘ Baek
Todd ‘Anakins‘ Rolls