Dignitas exits HearthStone

hearthstoneTeam Dignitas have announced their exit from Hearthstone. Hearthstone which saw a big boom in 2014-2015 has since stagnated in its growth. The main problem that organisations have with Hearthstone revolves around the competitive scene. Hearthstone is primarily a single player game, which was given a shape of multiplayer organisations. However when the spectators view their games, it is primarily seen as a individual gameplay.


“I think they just weren’t happy with the way the game developed, I would say, like the game’s professional scene developed compared to… in the way that a lot of the stuff matters around publicity and streaming and stuff and outside of HCT,” Blackout said. “If you’re just paying players, you’re not really getting that great value. I don’t think we even had particularly bad results.”

According to Dignitas manager, Marek “mepH” Walkowiak, the cost of sending Hearthstone players to tournaments around the world simply wasn’t paying dividends in terms of prize money or publicity.

“The game and community centers very much around the individual, the teams don’t matter as much,” mepH said. “You may have 30K people watching your player on stream but the only benefit you have as a team is people forming a vague connection, ‘yeah, I think he plays for team X.’ Teams really don’t matter in the game, there are no team competitions. Basically, unlike most other games we’ve been involved with, Hearthstone felt like you were sponsoring individuals, not signing team members.”

Knowing Dignitas was heading towards dropping the roster, Blackout and his partner, James “Greensheep” Luo, who was grinding to qualify for the Last Call, approached Dignitas about parting ways.

“We were like, ‘okay, it’s probably best if we just sort everything as quickly as possible and then just look for a new organization before James played the Last Call.’ So we just got everything done and dusted as quick as possible, got formally released, and then yeah. It is what it is I suppose.”

Both the players are still orgless. The reasons are quite similar to why Dignitas left the scene

“I think at the minute, the way the Hearthstone scene is structured, it’s not particularly profitable to be just a good player of the game, I don’t think that’s enough. I think the way it is right now, with the lack of actual big opens and stuff outside of DreamHacks and the way the current HCT system is, it doesn’t make it reliable enough to just be good at the game. You have to be producing content and streaming and stuff, so like personally, I don’t like streaming and stuff that much.”

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