Dignitas qualify for EPICENTER

Dignitas defeated GODSENT 2-0 (16-3 on Cobblestone, 16-11 on Mirage) to qualify for the $500,000 EPICENTER: Moscow.



Dignitas had a very good match against Godsent. Godsent have been slumping hard in recent times and maybe its time for a roster change for the former Wo


rld Number 1 roster. They dont seem to be hitting their shots and the miserable way in which they lost just seems to reiterate the personal distance in the team.




With this result, the following teams will be present at the LAN finals on October 17-23:

G2 fnatic Natus Vincere NiP
Virtus.pro SK dignitas  CIS qualifier

The final LAN spot is reserved for a CIS team, with the likes ofFlipSid3, HellRaisers and Tengri still competing in the qualifier.