Dignitas signs Creation eSports’ Overwatch roster

With the recent flood of major teams entering the Overwatch scene, Dignitas has signed an own team of their own.

Creation eSports had a recent make over at the start of the year, where their whole original roster were replaced in one go. The team had medium level exposure, as they have placed relatively high in many tournaments along with a few wins such as the first Go4Overwatch Europe Cup and the Acer Pro Challenge tournament. The team winning so far isn’t as high as expected for a roster who just got signed to a major gaming organization, but it’s still reasonable.

The team is an European organization, with the team Captain “Draceus” having hopped from team to team in the past with 5 different changes in the past 10 months. Creation Esports stated that the roster contracts were soon to expire and they felt that it would be best to sell the team where they could progess further.

As shown by the tweet above, Dignitas is asking fans to vote the team in to play as the fan voted in team. This is likely befcaue the team has failed to qualify for any major tournaments in the past, and this Overwatch World Cup would seriously boost their exposure.