Dignitas vs Astralis , Tips Odds and Preview | ESL One Cologne 2016

Dignitas and Astralis are matched up against each other in the Elimination match of the Cologne Major to be played on the 7th of July 2016 at 11:00 CEST

ESL Cologne 2016

Dignitas vs Astralis

This is the classic Danish match-up. The Astralis roster is not at its full strength with the loss of Kjaerbye and Glaive standing in for him. In his latest interview Device himself acknowledged that the teamś practice was pretty weird with both Glaive and Kjaerbye present and Glaive basically taking on the role of Kjaerbye. We all know how impactful Kjaerbye is to a round in all the teams that he has played on till now. It is doubtful that Glaive will be able to achieve the same level of impact for Astralis.


Dignitas have been doing really well this tournament. To be fair they have always done well in their career just never enough. The Danish roster for Dignitas has got a swap in the form of Kjaerbye for CajunB. While CajunB was underperforming during his stint in Astralis, he definitely has stepped up his game recently on Dignitas. He is not by any means top fragging in the Danish roster but has been very consistent with both the AWP and the frags. So far Dignitas have just impressed us in the tournament with a 13-16 loss to Astralis on Overpass ( very good map for both teams) and a 16-1 win over CLG on Cobblestone. Dignitas have always been good on Cobblestone, Cache and Mirage. The core of the lineup feels really comfortable on these maps and their dominance can be viewed from the results.


In terms of head to head matches, Astralis have always come out victorious. Their gameplay and higher firepower has always enabled them to trounce Dignitas, even during times when they were not performing to their full capability.


Astralis hold a huge advantage over Dignitas in terms of the map pool. Two of the best maps for Dignitas are the top two worst maps for Astralis. Cobblestone is banned by them almost 95% of the time, while Cache is the second most banned map for them. Astralis have Karrigan back in the AWP role, while he could not affect the outcome of their 6-16 loss to Gambit on Dust2. Indeed xyp9x and Karrigan were pretty much non-existent on the server. Their final KD ratio was 9-17 & 8-16 respectively. If you look at the scoreboard of the Dust2 match, four of the bottom five players ont he server were from astralis with Glaive topping the scoreboard for them.

If we consider a probable veto :


  • Astralis veto Cobblestone
  • Dignitas veto Train
  • Astralis veto Cache
  • Dignitas veto Dust2

The maps should be Overpass, Nuke and Mirage. I would favor Astralis on all three maps. Digniats have the best chance on Mirage as their Mirage gameplay has been almost flawless recently.


Now remember during the Major Main Qualifiers Dignitas were really into Nuke as a map. They were letting it pass the pick-ban phase and even played on it twice. Both times they looked horrible on it and even lost on it once. Since then we have not seen Nuke being played at all. However if you remember Astralis ( back when they were going under the Dignitas org in 2014) were one of the best teams on Nuke. Other teams used to fear the Astralis Nuke and the only team that could ever probably win on it against them was NIP. So I dont think Dignitas hold the advantage even on Nuke, even though they have definitely prepared on it.

Now we have assumed that Dignitas will ban Dust2. However they have had weird banning phases in the recent past where they banned maps which are really good for them ( such as Cobblestone, Cache etc).


Overall I think that Astralis is the better team, even with Glaive as the standin. This is more true especially against Dignitas because of the mental attitude of these players. It is somewhat similar to what NIPś mental attitude towards Astralis is.


Astralis should be able to pull this off but based on the current form of both the teams it might be a 2-1 as opposed to a 2-0 sweep.


The Prediction : 65%-35% Astralis

The Bet : Medium on Astralis ( please dont lose Astralis :D) Going low on Dignitas instead as Dupreeh is injured



Just heard that Dupreeh will not be playing for Astralis anymore at the Major due to him undergoing an appendix infection. My Bet will obviously switch to Low on Dignitas with this.