Dignitas VS ATN – 99damage masters – CS:GO – Previews

Dignitas VS ATN – 3 AM Thursday 11/2/16 AEST- Best of 3

Lounge odds: 82-18 in favour of dignitas

Max’s odds: 70-30 in favour of Dignitas


Analysis: Dignitas should win this game as they have a much better all round team when they play to their fullest and start off well. However with that said that is also the biggest problem with the team is that they don’t always play to their fullest and start off well as shown in the last game they played where they lost 1-2 to SK gaming a team in which they really should have beaten. With that said dignitas has been beating some really strong teams such as their recent 2-0 victory over Envyus. Dignitas have a better team in every respect except consistency and overall should take this one if they don’t let themselves tilt over the three possible matches. With the best of three format there is a lower chance of an upset but it is still there.

The tip: Bet on dignitas if below 65%, bet on ATN if dignitas are over 80% skip if the odds are anywhere in between.