Dignitas vs CLG – ESL One Cologne Day 2 Preview & Predictions

Dignitas and CLG are matched up against each other in the Group stage match of the Cologne Major to be held on the 6th of July 2016 at 11:00 CEST


Dignitas looked really strong yesterday against Astralis. Whether that is an aftereffect of Astralis not playing as well with Glaive or Dignitas just showing up is yet to be seen. Remember Dignitas won rounds in spurts. They initially were down 0-5 before they made a comeback to win some rounds towards the later part of the first half. Subsequently winning the second pistol and a few gun rounds, but that is when they met the Astralis firewall on the CT side. Both teams were showing a bit too much respect to each other IMO. Dignitas banned Dust2 and Train.

CLG on their part removed Cache, Nuke and Train .You have to remember that coming into this match CLG is the higher seed. As such they will get three vetoes as opposed to the two for Dignitas. CLG however have not maintained their form so far into the tournament. After the loss of JDM, we see CLG having troubles in closing out matches. Hazed and Pita have been topping the scoreboard for CLG. WIth a roster comprising the likes of Koosta and Tarik it is quite surprising to see them at the rock bottom of the teams score. With many questionable plays by the NA side, we saw Tarik jump down to CTSpawn in the anti eco round and hand over a gun to Gambit. That round definitely helped tilt the game in favor of Gambit.

I feel Dignitas are the better team here. The maps that CLG might favor include Dust2, Cobblestone, Cache & Mirage. Dust2 is definitely going to be banned by Dignitas while the remaining three maps are actually quite strong maps for Dignitas. CajunB was able to go toe to toe with Karrigan on Overpass and that is definitely an encouraging sign for the Dig faitful

The Prediction : 60%-40% Dignitas

The Bet : Medium on Dignitas.