Dignitas vs Renegades – MLG Columbus Offline Qualifier Tips, Odds and Preview.


Dignitas and Renegades  are matched up against each other in the Group stage match of the MLG Major Offline Qualifier to be held on the 27th February 2016 at 00:00 CET



Dignitas have been bordering on the tier edge of Tier one teams. They have consistently been playing well against the best teams in the world. Dignitas roster has been posing a serious threat to the likes of Fnatic. Dignitas have a better CT side as compared to most of the other teams. They have had several losses but consistently losing 12-16 and the likes against teams such as NaVi, AStralis is a very good results


Renegades recently had a roster change. they got in Ustilio in place of Havoc. This roster change was needed as they were not having any impact in the pro scene at all. They were falling back in their matches and their performance was very bad. They had a few wins online after getting in Ustilio, however they fell back to their bad performances soon after. Renegades have not been good on LAN’s recently and this match should not change much about that

The Bet : Medium to High on Dignitas

The Prediction : 80%-20% Renegades

Risk : Medium