Dignitas vs SK – 99Damage masters Tips, Odds and Preview


Dignitas vs SK

99 Damage

Dignitas definitely have been on a roll recently. Their recent LAN performances have been really awesome  with them reaching the knockout stages of several tournaments recently. They even reached the finals of the recently Concluded Game Show Global tournament where they lost 0-3 to EnVyUs ( whom they had defeated earlier in the tournament 2-0). Dignitas definitely have a very good roster and they have been practising quite hard in order to maintain their level of performance. Their players have been playing on an insane level especially against teams slightly better than themselves. Their favorite maps definitely have to be Inferno, Cobblestone and Cache. These are their best maps, however they can also play other maps including overpass, Mirage and Train.


SK as a team is definitely showing signs of improvement recently. They had wins over ENCE, Empire, CSGL. They moved on from the group stage after defeating some decent teams in Panthers and Alternate Attax. These two teams have had some decent results recently, however SK was able to win against them quite easily. SK’s map pool is actually somewhat in contrast to Dignitas. They like to play Mirage, Train and somewhat of Cobblestone. SK should not be able to win against Dignitas on Cobblestone. Neither do i feel that SK will be banning Cobblestone. Traditionally SK have been good on Overpass ( back from Reason gaming days ). So that as a map is not an alien map to them. We might see SK picking up either Mirage or Overpass, Dust2 seeing as how strong Dignitas seems to be on Train ( especially those B site holds OMG)


Overall in this best of three,  Dignitas should be favored. They are a team that has been playing against much better teams and getting their results out there. They definitely have a string in their steps. Considering Winning this match would propel them straight to the finals, it looks as if they are definitely favored on this matchup


However if odds for Dignitas go through the roof,a bet on them would no tbe smart. . The maximum odds at which I would bet on Dignitas for are 80%.


The prediction :  70%-30%.

The Bet : Depending on odds. Max Odds for a Dignitas bet should be 77%-80%. Otherwise just Low / ICB on SK.