DJ, QO, Meracle join new Fnatic roster

Fnatic has signed 3 new players to their Dota 2 roster

Fnatic’s Dota 2 roster has been filled with 5 astounding players, 3 of which was recently signed in addition to the previous Febby and Ohaiyo. The SEA roster faced recent failure in early 2017, where they placed 7th-8th place at ESL Genting and failed to qualify for both the DAC and the Kiev Major. Due to this, the team captain “Mushi” left the team which plunged the rest of the team into disarray without a leading member.

All the players signed has reasonable experience and will surely be an improvement compared to earlier in the year, however, none of the players are exceptionally outstanding too. As the team has pretty much been newly formed, it is unlikely we will see any big wins from Fnatic in the near future, as it is likely their team play will be extremely shaky.

Fnatic’s current Dota 2 roster :