Does Orianna need a nerf – LOL

Apdo states Orianna has no counter

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If you ever play against an Orianna enough, you would notice she is extremely hard to lane against. No matter what champion you play, you will almost always lose lane against a decent Orianna. This is because her kit is extremely well rounded and allows her to zone enemies while easily escaping ganks. You’ve probably felt this before, where you always hesitate to walk near Orianna’s ball on the ground, fearing the huge W damage and slow. In addition,  once she is 6, the ball is deadly as it may just pull you in to get one shot by her combo. Ori’s E is also amazing, as it is a fairly large shield that can not only be targeted on herself, but also other teammates.

While you can obviously beat Orianna in lane if they are fairly bad, like those in lower tiers who fail their ball placement, top tier Ori’s are extremely scary. Apdo stated in Korean that Orianna has no counters, and no midlaner can singlehandedly beat her in lane. Of course, this is if the mid laner are equally skilled. This has led to Orianna having an extremely high ban rate in not only Korea, but the top divisions in every region.