DoKy vs AKA Wonder – IEM Katowice – ESL – Predictions



DoKy isn’t too highly rated, but so far his perfect score of 4-0 has caught the attention of some players and viewers alike. He will be one to watch to see if he can keep up the stunning performance.

In the Qualifier for this tournament, DoKy won 3-0 against AKAWonder, which means this match will be one of redemption for one of the highest rated players in EU and the world, AKAWonder.

Wonder is usually an impeccable player, but his qualifying match for the IEM Katowice resulted in a 1-3 score, which is extremely poor. Hopefully one of the best players in Hearthstone isn’t on tilt and can make a comeback since I had very high expectations for him this year.

Predictions : DoKy 65% l AKA Wonder 35%