Dota 2 TI6 Main Event Day 1 Tips, Odds & Betting Preview 2016

The international 2016 2

TI6 continues on Monday the 8th of August with 6 days of main stage matches to completed. Who will be crowned the 2016 The International Champion? Can EHOME continue their unexpected dominance? Check out full preview below!

Upper Bracket


The main event starts off with the spectacular OG taking on MVP. OG are the clear favorites of the tournament, taken the first place in group A. Miracle and co. have caused a lot of salt and dissapointment over grouping stage and has proven to be top 1 of the world.

MVP were chosen by OG, as first place in their group allows them, most likely because they seemed the weakest. Fourth place in the group, 0 wins-6 draws-1 loss, MVP are really struggling to find their game right now. But the games of the first day of the event can be surprising for all. We can’t see this backfiring.

Prediction: OG win 85%

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DC vs Wings

DC confidently achieved second placement in their group, just a point behind EHOME, going 4-3-0. Resolut1on shines above all others, especially in fantasy points, showing a performance set out to rival Miracle himself.

Wings are doing relatively well in the group on the third place with 8 points. They have played rather inconsistently in the grouping stage, leaving question marks how they will perform in the main event.

Prediction: DC Win, 60%.

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Lower Bracket

TNC vs VG.r

TNC performed relatively well in group stage, just a point behind the Alliance who are in the Upper Bracket. TNC is a lesser known team that didn’t partake in any of the recent Major tournaments that is on the rise, where as Vici Gaming, on the hand appears to be in a state of decline, leaving them placed last in the group.

Prediction: TNC win 70%.

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Secret vs LGD

Team Secret has shown impressive results recently, aiming to finish what they couldn’t do last year. Placed in lower bracket, missing out by a single point, among two other teams, to re-match for the fourth place in their group. LGD has performed poorly in their group placing 7th, struggling to be a team after they had to use their sub to replace September due to a visa issue.

Prediction: Secret win 70%.

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Fnatic vs ESC

Fnatic are in the same position as Secret, missing out by a point to reach Upper Bracket, performing better against certain team than others, resulting in a large amount of 2:0’s going either way. Escape Gaming is a Wild Card team, previously known as No Diggity, seeming lost in the tournament, only scoring 2 points in their group. The players of the team are very capable but they can’t seem to be able to find their game in the tournament.

Prediction: Fnatic win 70%.

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Navi vs Liquid

As the tradition goes, NaVi took a dive in the first day of the grouping stage, leaving it very little room to climb out, being stuck in 6th place. In their performance over the most recent Starladders they’ve shown their incredible skill, creating more highlights than any other team. However, NaVi are very incosistent and their opponent is Team Liquid, who are very consistent and impressive in recent tournaments. In both of their recent encounters Liquid took charge and won the games.

Prediction: Liquid win 60%.

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