Dota2 controversy : The Dark side of Puppey



Puppey is one of the most well known dota2 players in the world. Having been a part of the world famous NaVi team,Puppeyś support made sure the NaVI roster could push through like crazy and win the event.

He was also a part of the uber succesful Team Secret. Puppey is the owner of Team Secret along with being a player.

Eternal EnVy has come out with a lengthy blogpost denouncing Puppey and several of the ways he has treated his team mates and the future of the team in general.


You can read the entire Blog post at length on

A short Tl;dr presented by /u/billableuO


-Secret took a 10% pay cut from players, unbeknownst to them. Players were told there was a 0% cut from winnings, but 10% was secretly taken. Only pup knew about it and agreed to it.

-There was no player salary.

-Secret took 50% of money received from Panda TV. However, the Panda TV deal fell apart because Puppey did not fulfil his streaming obligations of 30 hours per month. Panda TV apparently offered EE 500K USD to stream. But he wouldn’t take the deal unless other team mates also got that deal. The deal was later changed to 1 million USD + 250k from donations.

-The money taken from players was supposedly to pay for the manager. So Matt was paid 200k from his work.

-Other sponsors did not pay anything to players. Instead Kermal claims sponsor money paid for expenses.

-Salary was supposed to be 12-15k USD a month.

-Puppey is apparently a jackass and very lazy. Does not try to play. Universe left Secret because Puppey was so lazy. QUOTE: “This is the first point where I actually really start disliking Puppey. Eventually the lies get to you. I don’t mind him having a tyrant on the team if he at least does what he promises to do. But when he’s so lazy and lies about everything only for him to spew lines like “When I talk, you listen to me.” is actually so disgusting.”

Puppey got physical with W33ha and bullied him through his career in secret.

Some excerpts :

Misery was still owed 182K USD up ‘til September 26 2016 where he was finally paid that amount all at once. You expect an organization to send you the money when they receive it, obviously this isn’t the case with Secret as shown once again. I was missing 36K USD til September 14, why I was paid most of the prize winnings months ahead of Misery, or why I’m missing a random 36K USD at the end I’ll never know. But if Kemal can finally sit down one day and send me some prize winnings, why wouldn’t he also send the rest of the team that money? There’s some shady shit going on.