Doublelift rejoins TSM

After saving Team Liquid from relgation, Doublelift has returned to TSM

Shortly after announcing that he would take a break on focus on streaming and making youtube videos, Doublelift left TSM mid 2016 to help Team Liquid out. As many of you know, Team Liquid was on a downward spiral and requested TSM to release Doublelift from his contract to allow him to play with them for a split. The request has now been completed, and Doublelift has saved Liquid from relegation. When Doublelift left, he announced he would only be joining temporarily, and would likely return to TSM. It was also mentioned that TSM would hold try outs of the new ADC position once Doublelift returns.

It is believed the try outs have yet to take place, however, it has been confirmed that Doublelift will not be competing with TSM in the Mid-Season Invitationals. This is a huge disadvantage to TSM, as many view Doublelift as the best ADC in North America, so his absence from MSI is definitely a let down. That said, WildTurtle is still an amazing ADC, and I would expect the decision for ADC is going to be a hard one.

Doublelift is likely to rejoin the TSM starting roster, as he announced after he rescued Liquid from relegation that he would wish to re-enter the competitive scene. It is also likely that TSM would favour Doublelift over WildTurtle, as losing Doublelift would definitely be a mistake.