“Dream Team” fails to pay a player, and accused TSM of Player Poaching

New League of Legends team fails to pay Biofrost $4,000 in salary while he played professionally with them and accused TSM of “Poaching” their player.

Prior to Biofrost signing with Major esports team, Team Solo Mid, he had agreed to played for “Dream Team” exclusively inexchange for a $2,000 a month salary. Unfortunately, “Dream Team” only payed bio frost for his time in the month of February, where he was deprived of payments of the month of March and April. Due to this payment incident involving the two parties, Biofrost applied for the try outs for TSM’s new support role, which he eventually won.

“Dream Team” was outraged with the decision from Biofrost to leave the team and join TSM, which lead them to threathen both TSM and Biofrost. They claimed that Biofrost had breached his statement of intent which he signed, where he agreed to play with them. “Dream Team” also publically called out TSM for Player Poaching and reported TSM to Riot, which Riot responded in favor of TSM.


I’m appalled by the new League of Legends team “Dream Team” as they took advantage of Biofrost, where he was new to the competitive scene and had no prior experience. “Dream Team” should really own up to their mistakes and make a public apology before they receive more back lash from the community by calling of one of the most well know League of Legends teams, TSM.