Dreamhack Katowice Preview


Group A

Each of the two groups have really good teams. Group A consists of some really good teams in Mouz, NIP, Fnatic, LG and NaVi. There is hardly any doubt about the best team in the group – Fnatic being the clear favorites. Fnatic have been really dominant in all their matches and to be honest, its getting quite boring as to how the other teams are not able to make a contest out of them. Fnatic’s dominance continues as they have won almost all their LAN tournaments so far in 2016.


The winner of the group stage will go directly into the semi finals. The second and third spot in the group stage however are very important as these two teams will go into the round of six expecting to win there. The main teams in contention for this spot are NaVI, LG and NIP. All three teams have been known to be inconsistent. LG had a fantastic set of LAN events in the recent past. However they have been known play not so well once they have been figured out. They are definitely the dark horses in the tournament. NaVi have been good on the last LAN, however they lost their touch after that when they lost to SK and other weaker teams. NIP on the other hand are facing their first offline tournament with the new lineup. Their performance will be closely criticised by the top teams. The team in itself has the potential to be amongst reach the top, however they have not had the results since for quite sometime.


Mongolz qualified for this tournament having won Taipei over Renegades and will find this tournament a very good learning curve. Not much is expected of them in this group especially considering the quality of the teams they are facing. However it will be great for them if they do manage to upset 1 or 2 teams.

Group B

Group B consists of EnVyUs, Astralis, Faze, Virtus Pro, Efrag and Tempo Storm. This Group seems much more balanced especially when the top spot is in contention. Astralis, EnVyUs, Faze and Virtus Pro are all decent teams who can top the group based on their current form.

Virtus Pro have not been in the best of form especially when we look at their ESL matches. They have won 1 out of 8 matches and that in itself puts them out of the tournament. This LAN event is being held at Katowice. Katowice is the home town for Virtus Pro and they definitely have a crowd advantage. This was the place that Virtus Pro won their first and only major. Astralis and EnVyUs have been looking very on and off recently. Their matches have been pretty mediocre and they haven’t been able to maintain dominance.

Faze might be the team that can become the dark horse. The last time Faze played during a Major (Cluj Napoca) Jkaem was in great form and they reached very deep into the tournament. Coming into this tournament, a lot depends on how the team’s individual players play. The team in itself is very aim oriented.

The Individual Match Previews are listed below. The matches that are to be held later in the day are very dependent on the performance of the team earlier in the day.




Group A – Day 1

Group B – Day 2