Dreamhack Winter 2016 talent lineup announced

Dreamhack have announced their talent lineup for the upcoming event Dreamhack Winter 2016.




With a lengthy history of hosting, Soe will be taking on the mantle as panel host! MrX, Jason Kaplan, Ubershouts, ZP, and Hexagrams will be joining Soe in bringing the broadcast to life, both in game and out of game, as they are performing casting/analyst roles throughout the championship. Their varying backgrounds will provide an interesting mix to the event and we are excited to work with familiar and new faces!

Panel Host – Soe – @Soembie
Analyst/Caster – MrX – @MattMrX
Analyst/Caster – Jason Kaplan – @JKaplan
Analyst/Caster – Ubershouts – @UberShouts
Analyst/Caster – ZP – @TempoZP
Analyst/Caster – Hexagrams – @Hexagrams