Dreamleague Season 7 announced


DreamLeague is back with it’s seventh season and we are very excited to show you guys what we have been working on since the season 6 finals at DreamHack Winter 2016. You will recognise a lot of things from past seasons because we think they work really well and we want to continue to build on the traditions in DreamLeague.

Season 7 will continue to carry the DreamLeague concept with prize money connected to each map win during the season. This way we can make sure that every broadcasted game still packs a lot of excitement even though any team in the series might not be able to qualify for the playoffs.

The biggest change for season 7 is that we will expand the league to north america. We recognise the growing Dota2 talent in the NA region and we want to give them a chance to prove themselves in DreamLeague without having to deal with latency issues. Therefore we have created an NA division for DreamLeague season 7 with 4 teams. They will duke it out and compete for one playoff spot.

And the second big change to season 7 is that the playoffs will be held in Atlanta during DreamHack Atlanta on July 21-22.